Placing Intelligence

at the center of your business

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Complete MINDBODY Integration

Extract and input critical business data.

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Interactive Dashboard

Customized Dashboard – specific to your business and KPI’s.

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Team Communications

One to many team communication tool and log.

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Operational Taskboard

Permission based group tasks in familiar Google environment.

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Human Resource Module

Complete online employee on-boarding process streamlines and centralizes all your staff information.

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Active Notifications

Text, Email and Calls can be enabled for a variety of Intelli-Hub interactions.

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Ready to Go. Right out of the Box

Consists of a set of ready to go:​

  1. Business-specific forms (Employee, Clients, etc.)​
  2. Shared online “taskboard” – for team task tracking​
  3. Mobile friendly dashboard with your business KPI’s​
  4. Industry leading Google storage environment​
  5. Proactive system notifications of critical information/requests (eg: Call out sick)​
  6. Employee On-Boarding and documentation​
  7. Existing API’s/connectors in place for over 100 different tools​
  8. All centralized in a single, simple local business website​

Businesses Grow with Intelli-Hub

Businesses using Intelli-Hub are showing average annual growth rates of over $20,000/year.

Focused on Owners Needs

Created to help the small business owner (or franchisee) centralize a number of important business management functions and reporting inside a single resource.​

  • Marketing​
  • Day to Day Operations​
  • Human Resource Operations​

Built by Owners Like You

Designed from the input of small business owners (and franchisees) across multiple industries.​

On-going input/feedback from all owners continue to drive product development.

Thousands of daily users

8945 Windows users
1698 OSX users
828 IOS user

Screenshots of Employee On-BoardingEasy for the employee. Centralized for you.

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All bundled up in one, easy to use, place!

Team Communications

A shared platform for your team


  • Custom site
  • Shared Team Taskboard
  • Two Team Communication logs
  • Full in-app support
  • Unlimited users
  • Full security and backup

HR Module

Centralize your Employee information

  • Automated employee on-boarding
  • W-4, I-9, Employee Handbook signoff
  • Request Time off form
  • Sick/Late tracking form
  • SMS/Email notifications
  • Automated Policy update process
  • Time off and Sick time Dashboard
  • Full security and backup
  • Unlimited entries
  • Unlimited users

Customer Marketing Module

Track your business drivers

  • Dynamic, customized client entry form
  • Customized dashboard
    • Current month KPI’s
    • Sales rep conversion rates
    • Staff performance
    • Marketing insights
    • Employee tracking
  • Recent Activity report
  • Full security and backup
  • Google Adwords performance
  • Hundreds of other SAAS integrations

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