Network Reporting. Right out of the Box

Consists of a set of ready to go:​

  1. Business Performance Reports​
  2. Business Exposure Reports
  3. Business Growth Reports
  4. No Additional Data costs from your POS software
  5. Custom Unified Reporting, by adding data from other sources (eg: Google, Quickbooks, Listen 360 and over 100 other applications)​
  6. All centralized in a single, easy to use application.​

Business Performance


Business Exposure


Business Growth


A Snapshot of all your Important Metrics

  • Network sales
  • Same Store Sales
  • Average Unit Volume
  • Autopay Sales (recurring)
  • Location filtering
  • Sales category breakout
  • Recurring  and non-recurring revenues

Clients, Members and Revenue at Risk

  • Expiring Autopays (recurring revenue)
  • “No Next” appointments
  • Clients with no visits in last period
  • Declined transactions (recurring revenue)
  • Suspended transactions
  • Visit retention
  • Autopay retention

Track your Business Growth

  • First Visitors
  • First Visit conversion
  • Total Visits
  • Net New contracts
  • Location filtering
  • Hundreds of other SAAS integrations

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